Alpaca Bedding
Alpaca Doonas, Underlays, Pillows, Baby Bags and Sleeping Bags

Why would you buy an alpaca doona (duvet/quilt/comforter) for your bed or for your baby’s cot?  Need a new pillow or underlay?  How about camping in an alpaca sleeping bag?  What about an alpaca dog coat to keep you best friend warm?  Then there are sleeveless vests and scarves for your outdoor adventures.  Not to mention luxurious alpaca knitting yarns, raw and prepared fleeces to foster your creative side.

Our quilted bedding products are thermally rated to 3.5 standard blankets.  The alpaca fibre is processed into a bat, then encased in pure japara cotton.   The superb insulation properties of these doonas and underlays can be attributed to the hollow core of the alpaca fibre.   The bedding is extremely light and lofty, yet maintains a constant body temperature all year round. 


You can now take the comforts of home when you go camping with an alpaca sleeping bag.   The sleeping bag has a waterproof outer covering and cotton lining with the alpaca fibre sandwiched in between.   The same construction technique is used to produce our waterproof sleeveless vests, dog coats and horse saddle blankets, which are available in Western, Equestrian and Pony Club sizes.  


Spoil your family with handmade garments using our superb alpaca knitting yarn.   Jumpers, coats, scarves and tops will be soft, warm, lightweight and extremely comfortable.  The strength and durability of alpaca yarn will ensure your garments will be favoured year after year.  Alpaca fibre has been worn by royalty for hundreds of years and has secured its’ place as a superior quality natural alternative.


You will spend one-third of your life in bed, so why not enjoy the sumptuous warmth and softness of one of our alpaca doonas, pillows or bed underlays?  Australian made Alpaca Doonas/Quilts contain 80% Alpaca Fibre and 20% Sheep’s wool, all locally grown and manufactured.   The fibre is encased in a pure cotton Japara cover.



Each quilt is thermally rated to 3.5 standard blankets and is suitable for all Australian climatic conditions.  Alpaca fibre is naturally moisture resistant, making it suitable for use in damp locations. The thermal qualities of the fibre ensure a warm, yet extremely lightweight alternative to conventional blankets.


The quilts are manufactured to ensure the filling does not move when hung on the clothesline to air.  To maintain thermal properties the doona should be shaken to regain loft when making the bed. 


Alpaca products may be washed in the same manner as any wool product.  Natural fibres are inclined to felt, so take care not to rub or agitate during washing. 


Now Available – His & Hers Queen and King size Alpaca Doonas. 

Product   Price
Baby Sleeping Bag   $114.00
Cot Doona/Quilt   $115.00
Queen Bed "His & Hers" Doona   $336.00
Alpaca Blend Pillow - Soft   $48.15
Alpaca Blend Pillow - Firm   $52.00
Sleeping Bag - Adult   $302.00