Pet & Livestock Products
Dog Coats, Horse Rugs, Saddle Blankets

Australian made Alpaca quilted pet accessories including dog coats, saddle blankets/cloths and combo horse rugs containing 80% Alpaca Fibre and 20% Sheep’s wool. The fibre is encased in a nylon waterproof outer covering with a cotton or satin lining. Each quilted product is thermally rated to 3.5 standard blankets and is suitable for all Australian climatic conditions. Alpaca fibre is naturally moisture resistant, making it suitable for use in damp conditions. The thermal qualities of the fibre ensure a warm, yet extremely lightweight alternative to conventional pet products.

The Combo Horse Rugs weigh 4.65kg and have been field tested with an infra-red non-contact thermometer to achieve optimum thermal properties in both hot and cold situations. The rugs are satin lined in the mane and chest areas to avoid chaffing.

Saddle Blankets are manufactured in a similar manner and have been tested on endurance horses. The natural moisture resistance of the alpaca fibre keeps the saddle blanket quite dry under endurance conditions, taking only 10 minutes to dry-out when removed and aired. The pet products are manufactured to ensure the filling does not move when hung on the clothesline to air.

Alpaca products may be washed in the same manner as any wool product. Natural fibres are inclined to felt, so take care not to rub or agitate during washing. Wash with an approved wool detergent, rinse well and initially lie flat to drain. When most of the moisture has drained from the item, hang on the clothesline to drip-dry. Do not dry-clean or tumble dry.